Rechargeable Open-Ended Penis Trainer Male Masturbator

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Open-Ended Design Allows Hand Jobs and Oral Sex : The open-ended design makes it highly versatile enough to use in Solo or Shared Play. Focusing completely on the head, you can give your head intense pleasure as the sleeve really works the nerve endings all around the head. You can also use it as a shaft masturbator. And the head of the penis can protrude out the other end allowing for oral stimulation by your partner.

Powerful Vibrations: With 12 different modes, you can switch its vibration mode according to your needs or postures.

USB Rechargeable: Charge in 2 hours with battery life 1.5 hours.

IPX7 Waterproof

100% Discreet Packing: unmarked packaging, without leaving any sensitive words.

One Size Fits Most Penis Sizes: Insertion Length: Unlimited, Insertion Width : 30-35mm. If your size is much larger than this size, You should be think carefully before buying it.


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